27nd Kuroishi Apple Festival

The Kuroishi Apple Festival is a promotional event for apples produced in Kuroishi through competition and sales at the festival. One of the highlights is the direct product sale from the city of Miya ...more2017.09.15 update

Nakano Momiji Mountain Autumn Foliage and Night Illumination 2017

Nakano Momiji Mountain is also known as the Northeastern Arashiyama (a well-known spot of autumn foliage in Kyoto). The ambiance created from the brightly colored maple leaves and the moving night ill ...more2017.08.25 update

National Traditional Kokeshi Craftsman Festival 2017

Craftsmen of Kokeshi (a folkcraft wooden doll) gather from all of Japan for this festival held in Kuroishi city of Aomori prefecture. There are demonstrations of doll making as well as exhibition and ...more2017.08.20 update

32nd Kuroishi Komise Festival

Kuroishi Komise Festival is held on Nakamachi Komise Street. Many come to see the live performances of Tsugaru shamisen, Tsugaru taiko drum, and yosakoi soran dance and enjoy the popular local special ...more2017.07.31 update

Kuroishi Yosare Festival 2017

The Kuroishi Yosare is known as one of the three Japanese Nagashi odori, a style of festival dance. Held on August 15th and 16th, over 2000 dancers fill the streets of Kuroishi. The Kuroishi Yosare ...more2017.07.15 update

Okawara Hinagashi Fire Ceremony 2017

This fire ceremony is a traditional event where boats made of reed are set on fire in the river, pushed and pulled as participants of the ceremony get drenched through. The effect of the shouts and th ...more2017.07.10 update

Nijinoko Rock Festival 2017

Nijinoko Rock Festival began in 2013, with the hope to energize the city of Kuroishi through music. The event takes place in Nijinoko Park, where food stalls and a section for BBQ are set up for visit ...more2017.07.05 update

Kuroishi Neputa Festival 2017

The greatest feature of Kuroishi Neputa Festival is the parade – over 50 massive lantern floats, both fan-shaped and warrior-figure ones, march through the quaint town of Kuroishi. The parade with a ...more2017.07.01 update

Ushiyu Festival 2017

Ushiyu Festival is a traditional event held in Nuruyu Hot Springs with over 400 years of history. It is believed that you will be healed if you touch the ailing body part after patting the divine stat ...more2017.06.20 update

26nd Classic Cars Club Aomori Meeting in Komise

Over 200 classic cars (manufactured prior to 1975) gather together from all of Japan. Visitors are entertained by classic, exceptional cars from all over the world. ...more2017.06.15 update

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