7nd The National Competition of Tsugaru Folk Songs

Tsugaru folk songs are heavily influenced by Tsugaru’s nature and climate. It is in Kuroishi, the birthplace of Tsugaru Jongara Bushi shamisen style, where competitors show off their talents of singin ...more2018.03.20 update

The Fawn Lily Lane 2018

An expansive growth of fawn lilies (katakuri), one of a few in Japan, can be found in a secluded area in the mountains of Kuroishi. The lilies blossom beautifully after many months of growing, enchant ...more2018.03.15 update

Kuroishi Sakura Festival 2018

Kuroishi Sakura Festival is held at Azuma Park, which overlooks the city of Kuroishi. The park promenade is surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms, where visitors can also enjoy various events. ...more2018.03.02 update

30nd All Japan Zuguri Championship Series

Zuguri (top) spinning is a traditional winter play for the children in Tsugaru region. All are welcome to join the championship, including first timers. ...more2018.01.05 update

Makko Market 2018

A traditional event held on the Lunar New Year, visitors who come out to shop around 5AM at the shops of Kuroishi will receive makko (otoshidama; New Year money gift). Traditional comfort food such as ...more2018.01.01 update

Yuki no Furusato Snow Festival 2018

Yuki no Furusato is a snow festival where a number of snowmen are lit by candlelight. Visitors can try riding on snowmobile and see the spectacular winter fireworks. ...more2018.01.01 update

New Year Kokeshi Crafting 2018

This event highlights the making of the first kokeshi for the new years at the Tsugaru Kokeshi Doll Museum. A craftsman dressed in a special white clothing will demonstrate making of the very first ko ...more2017.11.30 update

27nd Kuroishi Apple Festival

The Kuroishi Apple Festival is a promotional event for apples produced in Kuroishi through competition and sales at the festival. One of the highlights is the direct product sale from the city of Miya ...more2017.09.15 update

Nakano Momiji Mountain Autumn Foliage and Night Illumination 2017

Nakano Momiji Mountain is also known as the Northeastern Arashiyama (a well-known spot of autumn foliage in Kyoto). The ambiance created from the brightly colored maple leaves and the moving night ill ...more2017.08.25 update

National Traditional Kokeshi Craftsman Festival 2017

Craftsmen of Kokeshi (a folkcraft wooden doll) gather from all of Japan for this festival held in Kuroishi city of Aomori prefecture. There are demonstrations of doll making as well as exhibition and ...more2017.08.20 update

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