The Kuroishi Kanko Ringo-en (Apple Picking)

The Kuroishi Kanko Ringo-en, an apple orchard in Kurosihi, is a well-known site for its great view, located on a hill overlooking the Tsugaru plain and Mt. Iwaki, also known as the Tsugaru Fuji.
It offers visitors the experience of picking flavorful fresh apples while surrounded by the great nature of Tsugaru plain and the town of Kuroishi because of its ideal location.


The Ringo-en is also known locally as a night view spot, making it another attracting feature.
The view of Mt. Iwaki’s silhouette right after sundown on sunny days along with the night view of the cities of Kuroishi and Hirakawa are highly recommended. On clear nights, one can enjoy the star-filled sky.

The Kuorishi Kanko Ringo-en can be easily accessed by car as it is located near the Tohoku Expressway Kuroishi Interchange.

Price 1,100 yen (Flat rate with 1.5 kg of apples you pick, souvenir, and the basket)
*Guide and information is provided by our staff in the orchard.
Apple Varieties Fuji, Tsugaru, Orin, Hokuto, Jonagold, etc
*Harvest seasons varies by type
Tatsunokuchi Aseishi Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0343
Beginning of September to Mid-November, 9:00AM-4:00PM
By Car
Turn right after exiting the Tohoku Expressway at the Kuroishi Interchange onto National Highway 102.
Turn right at the first light. Approximately 5 minutes.
By Bus
Konan Bus Kuroishi-Ogami Line – Ride from Konan Railway Kuroishi Station, exit at Kogano Bus Stop. Approximately 21 minutes on foot from the bus stop.