Kuroishi Yosare

kuroishi yosare

About Kuroishi Yosare

The Kuroishi Yosare, known for its “E tcha ho, E tcha ho” shout, consists of three dances; the Mawari dance, the Kumi dance, and the Nagashi dance.
The Nagashi dance brings out approximately 2000 dancers, and is performed on the 15th and 16th of August on the streets of the city. During the Mawari dance, the audience is pulled into the dance.

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Kuroishi Yosare is a well-known summer festival as one of the three Japanese Nagashi odori, a style of festival dance.

Three Major Japanese Nagashi Odori

  • Kuroishi Yosare (Kuroishi, Aomori)
  • Awa Odori (Tokushima, Tokushima)
  • Gujo Odori (Gujo, Gifu)

The Origins of Yosare

Originated 500 to 600 years ago, it is said to have evolved from the love songs sung by men and women who were in love during the Bon Odori festival. The Bon Odori became popular festival between 1781 and 1789 when a chief staff for the Lord of Tsugaru, Gyoemon Sakai, worked to bring more people to the castle town to stimulate the town’s economic growth and its customs has passed on through generations.
The Kuroishi Yosare is believed to have thrived during the last days of the Tokugawa regime as it was once written to “have countless hand drums, taikos, and shamisens”.

Central Shopping District
August 15th-20th
*Nagashi dance takes place on the 15th and 16th
On Foot
“Kuroishi Station” on Konan Railway 10 minutes walk.
By Bus
Take the “Puratto Go” Kuroishi City Excursion Bus (West Course) from Konan Railway Kuroishi Eki Mae Stop to exit at Yokomachi Stop. 5 minute-walk from the bus stop.